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Lack of toilets; A barrier to girls' education

It might seem obvious that poor hygiene can greatly affect heath, but what might be less obvious is how a lack of latrines can prevent girls, in particular, from receiving an education.

When schools have no latrines or have poor sanitation facilities, it becomes an unsafe environment, where girls are left the most vulnerable. Having to use open bushes or dilapidated structures hence getting exposed to more to health complications as well as abuse.

Coupled with little or no menstrual support, many girls are forced to return home in need of a safe latrine -or not come to school at all.

By intervening to make rural school environments comfortable, safe and inclusive, girls have a clearer path to claim their right to learn.

" Thanks to our community of sponsorship, we've just constructed 1 new gender -separate latrine block in Misoto Primary School giving close to 300 girls a sanitary space of their own at school."

" Before the girls shared with boys and teachers", Mr. Mutunzi Emmanuel Headteacher. "Today they have their own latrine at school and this will allow them to follow the class courses and not be absent," he adds.


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