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These represent the core of who we are and the work we do. Before we discovered live streaming, we were implementing activities under these projects. Want to know where our programming story starts? Look here.


Women of Destiny

This program is designed to provide a safe and practical dialogue space for rural girls to discuss issues that greatly threaten and affect their lives and education. Further still, we provide correct information about SRHR and menstruation young girls are trained to make reusable sanitary pads.


Annual Youth Health Camp

With the main aim to promote youth health, our camp mainly targets the community youth between ages 10-24 years. The camp is a partner based event organized not only to encourage smart choices but to also give relief to a myriad of health challenges affecting the youth by providing free and subsidized health services. The youth are engaged into music and edutainment, dialogues, team building and games and sports.


Annual Kyotera Health Run

This charity run is a fundraising event that aims at assisting education of the rural poor. At Droty Uganda, we believe that education is a strong pillar for human survival and it’s through education that young people be most empowered to lead productive lives.


School Connect

This is an exchange program is designed to inspire and bring together young people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Young people from good urban schools get to visit their peers in poor rural schools and learn from each other, build friendships, share dreams and connections that will benefit them. Further still, this program aims at instilling the spirit of volunteerism and reaching out to the less fortunate through donation of scholastic materials as well as fundraising school dues of their peers.


Just a Drop; Clean Water Program

The program supports rural schools that lack separate toilet facilities for girls as well as communities that lack clean water. Girls are provided with dignifying environments to enable promote good MHM with less judgment from boys. Further still, the schools get hand washing facilities and incinerators.


Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Support

This intervention is to support the education of orphans of HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children. Supporting education of the OVC is to give them a chance to realize a brighter future which is not easily attained by the kind of children they are. This education intervention concentrates on payment of school fees and basic scholastic material such as books and writing pens.



On this program, we partner with Saalt and they donate menstrual cups to girls and women that lack sanitary products. The purpose is to promote Good reproductive health of the poor rural girls and women.

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